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Paper and Plastic Bags Effect on Global Warming – Recycled Shopping Bags Custom

Reusable grocery bags and reusable shopping bags are now becoming very popular in society today. Though most of us don’t realize it, manufacturing bags-plastic, compostable plastic and even paper bags-contributes significantly to global warming. Greenhouse gases are the result of emissions caused by burning fossil fuels during the production of plastic and paper bags. The greenhouse effect is caused when infrared radiations from the earth’s surface are prevented from escaping into the outer space. The consequence is global warming. A very important way to reduce the use of plastic bags is through the use of reusable grocery bags and reusable shopping bags. It is through the use of these reusable grocery bags that we are able to reduce the negative effects that paper and plastic bags have on the environment.

Reusable shopping bags eliminates the need for many consumers to carry their purchased items in paper or plastic bags. When consumers show that they no longer want to use paper and plastic bags, there will be less of a demand for these bag manufacturers to produce so many of them. It is through the production of these bags that the environment is affected. When these manufacturers see the lowered demand for them because consumers are using reusable shopping bags and reusable grocery bags, they will lower how many they put into production.

Recycled Bags – Bag Promos Direct – Recycled Shopping Bags Custom

Paper bags have the highest global warming impact per bag compared to other types of bags. According to the US EPA, 70% more global warming gasses are emitted making a paper bag than a plastic bag, and 50 times more water pollution. They also use 4 times more raw materials, and consume 3.5 times more energy. They also contribute to global warming by destroying trees. In 1999, the American Forest and Paper Association reported that Americans used 10 billion paper shopping bags, consuming 14 million trees.

The use of reusable shopping bags and reusable grocery bags not only eliminates the need for paper and plastic bags, but they will lower the number of bags being produced. It is evident that the production of these bags has a major effect on the environment and people need to make a strong effort in their consumption of these paper and plastic bags.

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