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Eco Friendly Bags

Eco Friendly Bags – Recycled Bags Wholesale – Bag Promos Direct

Eco friendly bags are the new way to promote your business. In addition to that, keeping your advertising expenses low and being able to stay within budget every single time. Perhaps your company has an important trade show approaching and your staff has a meeting to decide what type of way to promote your brand and your company. You could be the hit of the meeting when you present your idea for reusable bags. Take a look at our complete selection of non woven bags at Bag Promos Direct and Custom Green Promos.

Not only are they affordable, but they are a great way to promote your logo. In fact, this will occur even after the show is over. Furthermore, people who receive these eco friendly bags will take them shopping with them. Your logo will be seen by everyone. It’s as if you have a walking billboard on the streets and at supermarkets. Talk about an effective and efficient way to advertise for your company even long after the tradeshow has concluded.

Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags

Reusable bags and reusable grocery shopping bags are here for many reasons. The most important one is to preserve the environment. In fact, they are reusable and great for the earth. With that being said, why not utilize them and allow your company to benefit from how practical and transportable they can be. Give your next promotional campaign a serious boost next time and use eco friendly bags and recycled bags as your main attraction to promote your brand.

Eco Bags

In every study done, eco bags and green bags are rated best for the earth. We believe over 90% of the country will be using eco bags at some point soon. This will be similar to the awesome effects a hybrid car has on the earth. All green bags are designed to replace two paper bags or up to 4 plastic bags each time used. They can be used weekly for two years or more. Over a lifetime, each one will replace over 400 plastic bags. In fact, a small change here and there equals a large change for our earth and planet.

When considering the safety of our planet, preventing pollution, and ultimately preventing global warming, the solution lies in the use of eco friendly green bags. Unlike paper bags, the production of green bags does not lead to emission of harmful greenhouse gases. They are made from a very durable material called non-woven polypropylene. Not only is it strong material, but can also be reused for a longer period. Let’s do our part by stopping the usage of paper and plastic bags. As a result, this will give the environment a fresh lease on life through the use of eco friendly shopping bags.

Promotional Advertising Products – Eco Friendly Reusable Grocery Bags

Perfection is the standard here at Bag Promos Direct. Every one of our thousands of promotional products is meticulously chosen as part of our product line. Eco friendly Reusable bags go a long way in helping our environment and the safety of everyone. Aside from the practical uses of a reusable grocery bags, they also save trees and water. In addition to that, they save gas and oil. Furthermore, they help air pollution, our oceans, and sea creatures. The use of them saves 700+ bags over the span of their lifetime. The use of them also helps our families. All of these are great reasons to use these products. Call customer service for a free quote at 888-565-2235.

Reusable Shopping bags in; store’s plastic ‘T-shirt bags’ on way out

Eco Friendly Bags and The History of Change Companies Have Made

The single-use plastic bag could be an endangered shopping species. The thin plastic bag with handles is under pressure from municipal bag bans and a growing number of retailers who are encouraging shoppers to bring your own reusable bags. A new industry has sprung up that’s churning out reusable bags made from recycled water bottles and other more eco friendly materials, and is poised to profit from the passing of the traditional plastic bag.

In 2010, Dan Sabbah, president of global Design Concepts in New York, is one executive predicting the days of the plastic bag are numbered. “Plastic bags are quickly going the way of extinction,” Sabbah said. “Retailers are getting ahead of this curve, Sabbah said. “I don’t believe anyone thinks this is going to go away. This is going to be the wave of the future.”

Back in 2010, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s largest grocery and retail chain, had pledged to cut its plastic shopping bag waste by 33 percent- or 9 billion bags a year- by 2013. That year it began a bag-free trial in California, eliminating them at three stores there. Swedish furniture company IKEA and organic grocer Whole Foods Market Inc. stores banished them in 2008. Target Corp. in April 2010 handed out 1.5 million reusable bags in honor of Earth Day. The discount retailer gives shoppers a 5-cent rebate for every time they use one of their own reusable bags instead of a new plastic one.

Eco Friendly Bags For Events

With all of our Reusable Bags, you have the opportunity to imprint your company logo and market your brand. We supply companies with high quality promotional products for trade shows, conventions, conferences, and more. For example, you can purchase one of our Reusable Grocery Bags and we will customize them with your company logo. This will make for an exceptional promotional item that is difficult to beat. Your customers, competition, and everyone else will take notice at the awesome job of marketing your company is accomplishing.

Make sure not to let your competition get ahead of you. Incorporate one of these Recycled Bags into your next advertising campaign. You will see your sales go in the direction they need to be. You will also stay within budget because all of our Reusable Bags are affordable and low in cost.

Reusable Recycled Eco Friendly Custom Bags – Bag Promos Direct

Reusable Grocery Shopping Tote Bags that we offer are in stock and great ideas to promote your brand. In fact, we are your best source for eco friendly reusable grocery shopping bags and custom eco tote bags wholesale. Recycled Reusable Shopping Bags are amazing for the planet. They are in stock and available at bulk prices for any type of event including trade shows and conferences. Green Trade Show Bags that we have are available in many colors. We have the best selection of eco friendly green bags that you can find. Eco Convention Tote Bags are products that are eco friendly great for the environment. Call for pricing on Eco Friendly Custom Imprinted Tote Bags. For instance, we have the best selection of eco friendly tote bags that you can find. In addition to that, we also offer Recycled Tote Bags.

All of our Custom eco friendly promotional reusable tote bags are imprinted with your logo to make for a unique marketing tool. Even better yet. They are all at wholesale prices. We also offer Seed Paper. We offer many seed paper plantable promotions at great rates. Call us today for pricing at 888-565-2235. In addition to that, we have Reusable Eco Water Bottles and many options to choose from. They are great for company giveaways and promotions. You can pair one of them with our Custom Office Advertising Pens. We offer many options and styles to choose from.

Non Woven Bags Bulk – BagPromosDirect.com

Call for details and pricing on our non-woven bags bulk. Our staff is here to assist you with your custom order.  Customer service can assist you at 888-565-2235. They are very knowledgeable too.

We have great deals on Reusable Bags, Reusable Grocery Bags, Reusable Shopping Bags, Recycled Bags, Green Bags, Eco Bags, Non Woven Bags, and Eco Friendly Bags.

Our top sellers include the Little Thunder Tote Bag, Big Thunder Tote Bag, Abe Celebration Tote, Ben Celebration Totes, Franklin Celebration Totes, and George Celebration Totes.

Eco Friendly Grocery Tote Bags – BagPromosDirect.com

We offer so many eco friendly grocery tote bags to choose from. In addition to that, we have many different styles to choose from. Your next marketing campaign is going to be a blast with any of the options we sell. Perhaps you choose to use one of our Folding tote bags wholesale. In fact, all of our Folding tote bags are high quality and in stock. Perhaps you are looking for a different style, one of our Custom messenger bags will be the perfect option for you.

All of our custom bags wholesale and custom grocery bags wholesale are going to put you ahead of your competition. We feel it’s essential to make promotional bags wholesale part of your marketing efforts. Furthermore, are custom reusable bags wholesale are great for the planet and the eco system. For instance, they are 100% reusable and enable you to go green! Let us show you how great non woven bags with imprint can be for the success of your company. In fact, non woven tote bags with imprint are are great option if you are looking for high quality  custom bags with imprint.


Our product line of eco friendly bags consists of many high quality, durable, and stylish options to choose from. Your company is certain to set yourselves apart at your next trade show or corporate giveaway when you hand out one of these unique and high quality items. The newest addition to our product line includes the Standard Non Woven Tote BG108 Reusable Bags. With so many amazing options to choose from, you absolutely can’t go wrong! Perhaps you are looking for another great option. Look no further than the Atlas Non Woven Grocery Tote Reusable Bags BG125.

Many Options To Choose From – Bag Promos Direct

Your company can take your next corporate giveaway to new heights by purchasing one of our stylish Messenger Bags. These Eco Friendly Bags are sure to be a hit at your next trade show.  We are your leading online source for green bags and recycled bags. All of our eco friendly green bags and green promotional products are going to set you apart from your competitors. We also offer factory direct wholesale pricing on all our green bags. For example, because we manufacture all of our reusable bags and other products ourselves, we can pass along the savings to you. In addition to factory direct bulk pricing, you can customize any of our products. The demand for reusable bags & Green Bags is reaching new heights, and our company will be able to provide the consumer with what they want.

BagPromosDirect.com – The Place For Reusable Bags

Reusable Bags are now becoming the go to option in terms of promotional products. Their advertising power is difficult to match. In addition to that, they are affordable, trendy, and very practical. All of our Reusable Bags are imprinted with your company logo and available at factory pricing. You can be confident when you purchase our Reusable Grocery Bags that you will stay within budget and reach out to customers everywhere. Our product line of Reusable Grocery Bags is always changing because we are always adding new stylish products to our already industry leading product line. Call today for a free quote and let us show you how Reusable Shopping Bags are one of the best products you can purchase.

Reusable Shopping Bags are the way to reach out to customers all over. Request a free quote today and purchase any of our Recycled Bags for your next trade show. Our Recycled Bags are both affordable and stylish. Talk about a powerful marketing tool. Furthermore, you will be going green and advertising at the same time. That is an awesome combination. Call today for pricing 888-565-2235.

Reusable Eco Friendly Non-Woven Tote Bags Are A Great Option For Businesses

Selecting Recycled Bags displays a lot of how socially conscious you are about the earth. Many companies now use Reusable Shopping Bags as part of your marketing and promotional campaigns. Eco Friendly Bags are an awesome marketing vehicle for your company.

Non Woven Bags are made and constructed from non-woven polypropylene fabric. In fact, Polypropylene fabric is made with spun and bond polypropylene fiber. Furthermore, this is soft, smooth and air-permeable. In general, they are sturdy, eye-catching, breathable, hypoallergenic, 100% reusable, water resistant, and fire resistant. In addition to that, shoppers everywhere will be using a stylish tote which they will reuse many times. All of this while companies names imprinted on the totes receive the promotional boost whenever the bag is carried somewhere.

Non Woven Green Bags

Non Woven Bags and Green Bags are amazing for business. This is due to the fact that they are easily printed with your company logo on them. Furthermore, they are affordable and can be reused by customers. This allows for continued advertising for years.The tote bags we sell are all very high quality and affordable. As a result, they are long lasting compared to traditional standard shopping bags. Furthermore, they can be easily cleaned. In addition to that, they are stylish and attractive to customers. They also show you care about the earth.

The unmatched look of reusable bags has fascinated people to use them personally and for business. They are stylish and great to carry along with you. Furthermore, you can use these reusable bags many times and carry numerous things with them. Stores everywhere are charging for these totes and customers are always willing to buy them as opposed to using throw away plastic bag options. Next time you are at your local retail outlet or supermarket, you can find tote bags for sale near check out lines.

Reusable Non Woven Grocery Tote Bags Are Great

Non Woven Bags can be produced in all types of styles, colors, sizes, and options. In fact, reusable bags can be customized to your exact specifications and designs as well. Furthermore, our totes are lightweight and practical. There is no concern with them taking too much space. Non Woven Bags are also liquid repellent so you can certainly use them when it’s raining outside. You don’t need to be concerned about the rain affecting your bags.

Green Bags and Today’s Business Environment

Companies today have developed their way of thinking and become more aware of the earth. Businesses want to preserve their social accountability towards the earth. There is an emerging consciousness concerning selecting eco friendly products. Customers are going for reusable bags and becoming more supportive of businesses that are aware of the environment and preserving the earth.

Since being initiated into the business markets, Eco Bags have fulfilled the need for a substitute to conventional plastic bags. In fact, they are gaining in popularity and acceptance. These reusable grocery bags deliver a clean, nontoxic, and eco-friendly option for everyone. Produced of 100% recyclable materials, eco friendly tote bags can carry more than traditional plastic throw away bags.

Custom Green Promos provide Non Woven Bags and Green Bags that can be used for advertising. The greatest aspect is that they are extremely affordable. Many people can purchase these tote bags and reuse them. You can also visit us at Bag Promos Direct and Gorilla Totes.

Eco Friendly Green Tote Bags For Today’s Business Environment

Guarantee your brand’s message is shown and seen as much as possible on our Reusable Shopping Bags. Reusable drawstring bags have a variety of applications and by choosing our reusable drawstring bag as your promotional material, your product will be noticed regularly and in a wide range of places. A lot of people travel or go to places every day, and these convenient and easy to carry bags will be a constant advertising campaign for your brand long after their creation. Call for pricing on our  Eco Friendly Bags.

No matter what kind of Reusable Shopping Bags or style you are looking for, we have it. They know their bags can’t be beat on quality or price. These bags come in a wide range of fabrics, shapes, sizes, prints, and colors. Bag Promos Direct offers solutions that come in a professional style and look, with the strength to carry items, all while maintaining the convenience and easy access of a tote bag.

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