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Eco Articles

Eco Articles – Eco Bags

Eco Articles. Bag Promos Direct is the top supplier of promotional items and reusable bags. We are a company that cares about the environment and preserving the earth through the use of eco products. Please review these articles about how eco friendly promotional products are good for the earth. We are the leading supplier of eco friendly reusable tote bags. This includes all styles and sizes of reusable bags, reusable grocery bags, and reusable shopping bags. Please see our complete list of eco bags here. View our complete line of products at bagpromosdirect.com.

Bamboo: Nature’s Miracle Grass – Eco Articles

There’s recorded history of bamboo being used as long as 7,000 years ago. It is one of the fasted growing plants in the world. In fact, it can grow up to 60 cm/24 inches in one day. Bamboo is a fascinating material due to its incredible strength and regenerative properties. A pole of bamboo can regenerate to its full mass in just six months. It can be continuously re-harvested every three to seven years without causing damage to the plant system and the re-harvesting actually improves the overall health of the plant. Its surrounding environment is not harmed because its root system stays intact so erosion is prevented. Bamboo has very quickly emerged as an extremely viable alternative to all sorts of non-renewable products.

Beyond the appeal, charm, and natural beauty, bamboo is strong, clean, and incredibly useful. At present, Bag Promos Direct offers over 30 products that have bamboo incorporated into their product design. From small to large, simple to complex, inexpensive to premium, Bag Promos Direct has a bamboo product to suit every budget and application.Whether entertaining, working hard at the office or home, or enjoying a well-deserved treat, bamboo can offer anyone a smart product solution. Renewable, anti-bacterial, resilient, reliable, and moisture-resistant are just a few of the many properties of this naturally wonderful material.

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The Premium Bonded Leather Collection – Eco Articles

The collection has grown, again! By popular demand, Bag Promos Direct is introducing new additions to its premium brown bonded leather series of business accessories. Characterized by tight, clean stitching, all collection pieces have a rich, luxurious look. Attention to detail is the hallmark of the entire line. Offerings are long on features and deep in value. Tastefully appointed accents and user-friendly features are the staples of the premium brown bonded leather collection. Exceptional quality at every price point leads to high-perceived value and a very satisfied corporate customer.

The trend-setting BL6953 Business Brief made a grand entrance in the corporate world in the Fall of 2009. Inside and out, this bag is a crowd pleaser. Beautifully lined and complemented with more than enough pockets, this brief is perfect for computers, travel, and for day-to-day business use. A stylish handle and shoulder strap makes carrying a simple pleasure. Whether debossed or imprinted, a corporate logo provides the finishing touch to the front fold over panel.

A welcome recent addition to the collection is the BL8014 Folding Laptop Case. The premium bonded leather finish befits the expensive assets that the laptop case is designed to protect. Generous lengths of Velcro on each of four folding flaps make custom sizing and protection an effortless process. Simply lay the laptop on the padded base, and then easily fold each flap one at a time until the computer is protected in its leather shell. The sizing flexibility accommodates a wide selection of laptops. Ease of use (such as accessing the computer in coffee shops and in airport security lines) and protection are the cornerstones of this upscale case.

The Premium Bonded Leather Collection – Eco Articles Cont….

The BL5272 Zippered Notebook Portfolio is another recent addition to the versatile premium collection. In fact, the BL5272 is the brown partner to the already successful black BL6827 Zippered Notebook Portfolio. This portfolio offers a full zipper, four interior pockets, and a decorative metal finishing plate (perfect for personalization). Included with every portfolio are a recycled enviro pen and a pad of paper. When presented with all of the features plus the extras, many recipients express tremendous gratitude upon presentation of this gift. With this business accessory, the price-value equation certainly favours the buyer.

The newest addition to the collection is the BL7261 Laptop Brief. This must-have business bag is beautifully lined and boasts an abundance of padded interior pockets designed to protect your computer and its accessories. This gorgeous brief also features a durable webbed strap to secure your laptop, a strong and stylish carry handle and attractive zipper pulls. The padded shoulder strap makes transporting a breeze and the front fold over panel is the perfect canvas for a beautifully debossed or imprinted logo. The BL7261 is a terrific solution for the person on the go who needs to keep their personals organized and secure.

Individually, each item makes a wonderful gift. Together, all four pieces become a tremendous set. Watch for more premium bonded leather accessories as the collection continues to expand.

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The Green Side of Golf

Traditionally, in order to comply with many regulations governing land use, golf courses have had to be ecologically responsible from their conception. Beyond that responsibility, most are now venturing forward with an even greater green purpose. Examples can be seen in all aspects of the operation of a course. To the casual observer, several indications of a green focus are obvious, but some examples may require further digging. As a matter of fact, digging at a few courses may uncover a few surprises! At this time, there are several courses (either in development or in the planning stages) that have a reclaimed landfill site as their base. This latest
concept further emphasizes the importance of waste reduction, recycling, and proper disposal of hazardous materials. The ultimate use of reclaimed landfill that provides for personal recreation and a natural wildlife habitat is essentially a complete eco circle.

Beyond the hidden base of some golf courses, there are plenty of obvious signs of a green movement on local fairways. Many courses have moved away from gas-powered (high emission) carts to using more efficient rechargeable battery vehicles. A growing number of courses are now providing score cards, supported by local businesses, printed on recycled paper.

The Green Side of Golf Cont….

Promotional marketing is also playing a role in the greening of golf courses. Many locations now offer biodegradable tees, recycled paper pens, plus many styles of clothing that have recycled and/or natural fabric content. At tournaments, reusable non woven lunch bags are currently a favourite form of packaging for presenting golfers with their gifts (balls, a towel, snack bar, etc.) for the day. As well as being kept and reused, for corporate partners, non woven lunch bags provide a wonderful opportunity for event sponsorship.

Some courses have even gone so far as refusing to sell individual bottles of water. At those courses, as part of a paid greens fee, patrons receive a personal water bottle that they can refill at any of the several watering stations located around the course. Upon completion of their round, golfers simply take their reusable bottle home. Much like recent initiatives at local coffee shops, if the golfers return at a later date with their bottle (which is easily stored in, or clipped onto their golf bag) then they do not need to buy a new bottle and are offered a reduced green fee.
In every sense, these are all welcome initiatives. The greens are indeed getting greener!

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Eco Articles – The Non Woven Recycling Process

Remnants of non run through a machine where they are melted down into a liquid form. Plastic (Polypropylene) pellets are then mixed with the liquid. All colour is extracted and dye in a coloured pellet form is then added to the mixture. The liquid is then poured onto a flat surface where it is heated to a very high temperature and becomes a large sheet of plastic or flexible resin polymer (not a “woven” fabric). The flexible resin polymer is actually debossed to give the appearance of woven cloth. Lastly, the ready-to-use non woven material is compressed with large rollers and cooled.

The end result is non woven material made of reclaimed production waste with 25% recycled content. Our non woven polypropylene comes in various gram weights including 75, 90, 100, 110 and 120 gsm (grams per square metre). Generally speaking, the higher the gsm, the more durable the fabric.We have full control of the manufacturing and recycling processes as we produce, sew and recycle our non woven material in our manufacturing plant in China. Material scraps are never wasted or discarded. Instead, they are used over and over again. Closing the loop on what we use and dispose reduces the carbon footprint by easing the strain on landfills.

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