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Design Center Info

Design Center Info

Custom Reusable Bags

Order Information – Design Center Info

Design Center Info – Our expert team can help create a unique and exclusive bag or packaging option that’s perfect for your next event or promotion. Call today for pricing on custom grocery shopping bags. You can also request a free sample. We provide free samples because we want you to see the quality of our bags before placing your order. The creative possibilities are endless. This includes custom sizes to distinctive design elements like color blocking, pockets, zippers and hang tags. In addition to that, custom imprinting in multiple locations and colors. To see our complete selection of reusable bags we have in stock please view here. If you are looking for custom reusable bags that we don’t have in stock, the design center is the way to go! You can also visit us at bagpromosdirect.com.

Did You Know? Design Center Info

On average, bags are kept more than 7 months, so their mobile message stays top-of-mind and is seen by more people. In fact, 29%* of bags are custom designed. Furthermore, custom bags are an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. This is because they can raise lasting awareness of your company’s brand.

Custom Services

We offer complete custom design services to meet all of your marketing needs. For instance, our Design Centre team is available to work with you on product design, production schedules, large quantities, art requirements, pricing, and more!

Plan Ahead:  Design Center Info

Plan ahead for your custom designed, large quantity, imported, or domestic bags. Production schedules vary based on seasonal demands and are scheduled upon final proof approval.

Art Specifications

For details on art specifications, please visit our art specifications page.

Art charges may apply if we must adjust your artwork to be compatible with our printing processes. We will provide a price quote prior to any art services being performed.

Plate Charges

Spot-color plate charges are based on overall imprint area at a base charge of $1.80 per square inch, with a minimum plate charge of $60.00 per color per side. Process-color art, halftones, full-bleed, oversized imprints, or art with fine screens are subject to review for plate charges. A plate is needed for each color and each side being printed.

Production: Design Center Info

Production schedules vary based on seasonal demands; please call for our fastest delivery time. Timing will be based on final proof approval.

Color tints/shades/tones may fluctuate up to 5% within a print run or reorder. Due to the semi-transparent nature of ink, imprint colors will change when printed on colored materials. PMS color matching is not available for foil hot-stamp.

Rush production schedules may be available and must be pre-approved. Please contact us for details. In fact, we can meet just about any deadline but sometimes our rush production is required. Furthermore, we also have rush shipping options.

Over/Under Runs—Percentages may vary on certain products. Due to production parameters on most plastic bag orders, we anticipate over or under runs not to exceed 25% on quantities of 5–9M, 20% on 10–24M, 15% on 25–49M, and 10% on 50–100M. All over run quantities are subject to invoicing.

Cancellations—Cancellations must be in writing and are subject to all incurred costs, including set-up, plate, and art charges.

Proofs—Paper proofs, either faxed or emailed, are provided at no charge. Virtual proofs are available on select products. Due to printing dynamics, pre-production or color proofs are not available on all products. Call for details.


As it is common fo Bag Promos Direct to ship orders early, we reserve the right to determine the appropriate shipping method to meet your deadline.

Special Freight Fees—Additional fees are incurred for COD, inside, residential, international, or re-delivery, as well as deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. International freight and duty fees—with the exception of Canada—must be charged on customer’s freight account. Custom Green Promos reserves the right to submit supplemental invoices after the original invoice for additional fees, freight, duties, and taxes as necessary.

Ask Us About Eco-Friendly Bags

The Society of Plastics Industry (SPI) code is a universal recycling symbol with a corresponding number that identifies the plastic composition of our bags. Our paper products carry the same universal symbol as plastic; however, paper is not assigned a number. You will find these symbols on product pages to identify the type of material used and to help you determine the applicability of recycling in your area. For more information, see our product safety and recycling page.

Eco friendly bags are a great way to promote your brand and also do your part in going green. In fact, all of our reusable grocery bags are reusable. As a result, they are eco friendly and great for the earth.

Design Center Info

Art Specifications

General Artwork Information – Design Center Info

We accept a variety of digital art formats for either spot or 4-color process designs. If you have questions about your art, we’ll be happy to review it for imprinting compatibility on our products. All artwork must be pre-approved for final production. Please include a hard-copy printout, or PDF proof, with colors indicated. Should we be required to adjust your artwork to be compatible with our printing capabilities, art charges may apply. You will be provided a price quote prior to any art services being performed.

Electronic Platform

We are Macintosh OS X based. PC files must have fonts converted to curves, paths, or outlines, and be saved or exported to a Mac-compatible format.

Art Placement and Sizing

Please create your art to the size it will be printed. We can help you get started by providing a product template that will aid you with design and layout. All art is placed and sized proportionately per bag blueprints as specified on the purchase order.

Artwork Submission

E-mail: Send files to sales@r98.170.myftpupload.com (50 MB limit). Please insert your P.O. number and company name in the subject field. Also include a digital copy (PDF or JPEG) of your design so we can confirm the integrity of your electronic submission. We suggest that you compress (zip) your file or folder for transmission efficiency and protection from corruption.

Media: Macintosh-compatible CD, DVD, or Flash Drive, labeled with your P.O. number, company name, and contact information. Please include a printout of your art for proofing purposes along with your disk. On orders with multiple spot-colors, please indicate color breaks on your printout.

Preparing Your Art

For artwork using multiple spot-colors, please allow for approximate press movement between colors as follows: Plastic bags: 0.0625″ (1/16 inch) Paper bags: 0.125″ (1/8 inch) All art is placed and sized proportionately per bag blueprints and as specified on the purchase order.


Please convert your fonts to outlines/paths/curves within your program. If we do not have the exact font used, the text in your art will default to a different font, changing the look of your design. Converting your fonts to outlines, paths, or curves eliminates this hazard. This is because it changes your fonts into vector shapes. This ensures your artwork will print and look exactly as designed. Furthermore, if you choose not to convert your fonts to outlines, please send us the font you used. Please send only Macintosh compatible or Open-Type fonts. In addition to that, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to also contact our art department as well as customer service.

Minimum Sizes

Positive prints: 10-point fonts and 1-point lines.

Reverese prints: Varies by design and bag material. We need to review fonts and line widths for best results. Plan to use larger point sizes than those used in positive prints. Thin serif fonts are not recommended.


For best results, artwork containing halftones must be reviewed by us for approval. Most halftones are printed with a 45-55 line screen. Color percentages for art containing halftones should not be less than 20% or greater than 60%. Areas less than 20% may not print and areas greater than 60% may fill in and become a solid color. Designs that contain gradients or blends may need factory pre-press alterations for optimum print quality and will require a final, signed proof approval.

Programs and File Formats: Design Center Info

Vector Art

Vector art is preferred. This is because vector images can be resized without any loss of quality. If we need to change the size of your artwork, it will not become blurry or pixelated. Please note that placing or importing photographs, bitmap, or raster images into a drawing program does not convert them into vector artwork. If a placed/imported Photoshop-type image (EPS, TIFF, JPEG, or PSD) is necessary, the original file should be included, 300 ppi minimum, and pre-approved by Bag Promos Direct.


Higher resolution is always better. In fact, we recommend raster images be created at 300 ppi minimum. Furthermore, they should be created to the largest size they will be printed. This is because the resolution at which they are created determines their quality. In fact, photographs or any artwork created in programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Photo-Paint, are raster (or bitmap) images. Enlarging a raster or bitmap image will degrade their print quality to a possibly unacceptable condition.

We accept the following programs and file formats:

ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR—Preferred Vector Art Program

Save as native Illustrator .ai file. If your file contains linked images, please PACKAGE the file to include all fonts and links. Alternatively, you may save the file as an Illustrator Default PDF with the Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilitiesbox check-marked.

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP—Our Preferred Raster Art Program

CMYK color, high quality 300 ppi minimum resolution at the size to be printed. PSD, TIFF, EPS, or JPEG formats. When isolating your art from the background, please use exact, sharp-edged clipping masks or clipping paths.

ADOBE INDESIGN CS4-CC2017 (Macintosh Version Only)

Please PACKAGE the file and include all fonts and linked images. Please don’t use any third-party plug-ins—if they are used we’ll be unable to process your art.

COREL DRAW—Version X8 and Lower

Save as native Corel .cdr file or Adobe PDF.

Please package the file to include any linked images and fonts.

PANTONE® GUIDE BOOKS: Design Center Info

Choosing the Right Imprint Color

Gloss or Matte Laminated Paper, Non-Woven Polypropylene, Plastic, and Polyester Bags

Solid colors—use the Solid Coated Pantone PLUS Formula Guide

4-color process colors—use the coated Pantone PLUS CMYK Guide or Coated Pantone PLUS Color Bridge Guideor Coated Pantone PLUS Color Bridge Guide

Uncoated Paper Bags and Tissue Paper

Solid colors—use the Solid Uncoated Pantone PLUS Formula Guide

4-color process colors—use the coated Unocated Pantone PLUS CMYK Guideor Unocated Pantone PLUS Color Bridge Guide

Don’t hesitate to Call or request a quote for pricing on any of our products. This includes our Reusable Bags, Reusable Grocery Bags, Custom Eco Shopping Bags, Eco tote bags wholesale. Eco friendly grocery bags are a wonderful way to market your brand and also do your part in saving the earth. In fact, our reusable shopping bags are 100% reusable. As a result, they are eco promotional products and a way of going green. Because they are eco friendly, this makes them great for business as well.

Our staff is here to assist you with any questions because we value your business. You can also email us at sales@r98.170.myftpupload.com. For instance, does your company have a trade show approaching that you need a great promotional product for? You can count on us because we are the leading supplier in the industry. Furthermore, you will notice right away how friendly and experienced our staff is. In fact, the shopping experience will be so easy, you will certainly call upon us again. First, choose which promotional product you want to order. Second, you can either request a free quote or a free sample also. And then let us handle everything from there. In addition to that, all of our products are high quality and very affordable also.

Bag Promos Direct | Green Bags | Recycled Bags | Reusable Bags

We are the leader in reusable bags because we care about our clients. Furthermore, we make your order a priority each and every time. In addition to that, you can count on our customer service department to make the ordering process simple and easy. This is because we want the entire process to be a great one for you. We also offer a large selection of custom apparel in addition to our tote bags. As a result, you can combine one of our wholesale custom tee shirts with one of our green bags. This will certainly be a hit at your next trade show.

Our product line consists of an option for everyone because that is essential to you as a business. For instance, perhaps you need a custom wholesale pen to go along with wholesale tote bags. We have those options for you because we know it’s important to you. Furthermore, all of our prices are affordable. In fact, they are some of the lowest prices in the business.

Customer service is a focus point also here at Bag Promos Direct. In addition to our amazing product line, our customer service staff is the best around. As a result, we can guarantee the ordering process is quick and simply. Furthermore, you can expect all of your products accurate as well as delivered on time. Call for a free quote. You will be glad you did. Don’t hesitate to call. We are here to assist.