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Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottles – Eco Friendly Water Bottles

Introducing the new 25 oz Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottles ASB216 | Custom Green Promos | Bag Promos Direct

25 oz Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottles ASB216

25 oz Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottles ASB216 – Featuring a 25 oz. Stainless Steel Body, Twist-on Lid, and Silver Carabiner Included.  Other details include: 201 stainless Steel, Hand Wash Only, Do not microwave or use dishwasher, Single Wall Insulation.

Reusable water bottles are great for the planet. They’re fun, safe, affordable, and very practical in terms of marketing your brand. They make an amazing marketing tool for tradeshows, giveaways, or for personal use. In addition to that, they will certainly add excitement to your next marketing campaign. Ultimately this will take your sales in the direction you want them to go.

Bag Promos Direct is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality and affordable eco friendly water bottles. Furthermore, it’s crucial to incorporate the concept of being earth conscious into your next advertising campaign. In fact, the reason this is so important is because the planet and its ecosystems are significantly affected by the ways companies conduct business and the products that companies everywhere use. It’s essential to start using products that will have a positive impact on the planet that we inhabit. You can do so by also marketing your brand too with the use of these reusable water bottles.

It’s absolutely time for companies worldwide to make a change and leave a positive everlasting impression on the earth. Furthermore, this can be achieved by reducing the use of products that are harmful to the earth. By utilizing the growing popularity of stainless steel water bottles, a company can promote their logo or brand while helping the earth’s condition. This possibility has never been made so simple until now through the use of these wonderful sports bottles including our new 25 oz Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottles ASB216.