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Laminated Woven Tote Bags

Laminated Woven Tote Bags – New to our product line is the TO6559 5th Ave Laminated Woven Tote Bag (14W x 10H x 5.5D).

Custom Green Promos

Bag Promos Direct

Gorilla Totes

Bag Promos Direct has a philosophy to help generate a better future for our planet by spreading the concept of an environmentally friendly way of life. In fact, this is evident through our extensive line of laminated woven tote bags and eco friendly bags known as green bags. In addition to that, all other promotional items that we manufacture and provide to companies. Furthermore, we are proud to help protect the environment by supplying eco friendly green bags as an alternative to disposable shopping bags that have caused widespread damage to the environment worldwide. In addition to our green bags, we offer many popular and practical eco friendly promotional items too.

Bag Promos Direct is a socially responsible company. We care for our planet as well as our employees. We have committed to provide the best and most comfortable work environment possible. It is also our desire to have a positive impact on our environment. Our efforts begin with our extensive line of products. This consists of hundreds of green bags. They can be used for many practical purposes. Green bags are a great way for businesses to show they care about the planet. When a company uses our green bags at a tradeshow or for a giveaway, they are sending a message that they truly care about the earth. Furthermore, all of our products are affordable too. They are also stylish and available in many different sizes and colors. Call us today at 888-565-2235.