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For years, plastic has been a huge concern. It not only impacts the environment but also hurts animals and other marine creatures. This is one of the biggest reasons why paper bags were introduced in grocery stores and supermarkets.

But again, paper bags don’t last forever. In fact, one can reuse it just a couple of times; therefore, it makes no sense in investing in paper bags. And this leaves us with only one option that is cloth reusable bags.

By investing in reusable bags made of clothes or other durable fabric, you can:

1- Decrease pollution

The effects of plastic on the environment is truly devastating. In fact, plastic items can take anywhere between 15 and 1000 years to degrade and break down. Besides, it is noted that very few per cent of plastic is recycled every year. This means a lot of plastic items just end up polluting the earth on a yearly basis.

2- Conserve resources

Even though plastic bags and other plastic items seem small and light in weight, they actually have a devastatingly large environmental footprint than one can imagine. Plus, a lot more oil is used in manufacturing plastic bags.

As per SPERP.org, the amount of gasoline used to manufacture 14 plastic bags is the same amount one needs to drive a car for a mile.

3- Avoid recycling problems

Even if you have a good intention of recycling the plastic items you own, a lot of recycling equipment is incapable of handling the task. Bags can end up clogging the machinery if they get snagged on conveyor belts or wheels. Plus, it can be difficult to separate plastic bags from recycled products. They may even end up in other parts or outside of the recycling plants.

4- Protect the wildlife

SPERPS.org also stated that more than 100,000 marine animals die due to plastic every year. Besides, plastic also gets snagged in trees, trapping small animals. This means more death in the wildlife environment, too.

One easy way to protect both wildlife and marine life is by using reusable shopping bags instead.

5- Save money

Almost every store around the world charges extra money for plastic bags. Even opting for paper bags at grocery stores can cost you a dollar or two more than the total amount of your purchase. So, instead of wasting money on bags while shopping, it is best to invest in reusable grocery bags at once and use them for months or years to come.

Signing off

After reading the reasons mentioned above, we are sure that even you are interested in purchasing reusable bags wholesaleIn that case, connect with Bag Promos Direct today!