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Custom Recycled Tote Bags – Bag Promos Direct

Custom Recycled Tote Bags – We offer may 80 GSM PET non-woven bags that feature white front and back panels, accented by black gussets, piping, and handles. 1.5″-wide x 28″-long handles. In addition to that, we have many other sizes and styles.

Custom Green Promos

Bag Promos Direct

Gorilla Totes

Recycled bags are as close to perfection as you can get in regards to gaining exposure for your company. Their uses are unlimited making them products that are used frequently in your everyday lives. Due to the many uses of them, your company logo will be continually featured on them as they are being used during everyday tasks such as shopping, transporting items, and any other time reusable grocery bags are needed.

When you consider how often it is you need to transport something, you will realize how truly significant these Custom Recycled Tote Bags can be. The role they play in your life is a lot more important that you may have originally thought. Whether you are going shopping at the market or simply picking up books at the library, these reusable grocery bags should not be far from your reach. Why would you leave home without these amazing items in your hands? There’s no need to limit how many you carry. Bring along two or three and you will realize how easy to carry and durable they are. Whether you are shopping at the mall, picking up a video at the video store, or making a quick trip to the nearest supermarket, make sure you don’t forget your Custom Recycled Tote Bags.

Call us for pricing today at Bag Promos Direct. We offer the best reusable bags and promotional items in the industry. In fact, we have the best prices around. Furthermore, you can be confident in the service and products we provide. Don’t hesitate to call us today.