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Case Studies

Case Studies | Recycled Laminated Tote Bags

Case Studies – Bag Promos Direct is a leading supplier of all types of promotional advertising products such as non woven bags, cotton canvas bags, recycled laminated tote bags, and more. See our complete line here. Visit us at bagpromosdirect.com to see all of the wonderful products we offer.

We’ve added COTTON CANVAS BAGS to increase your marketing opportunities when making sales calls. We are offering the bags in 4 popular sizes. These bags are sure to be a big hit with…


Recycled Laminated Tote Bags – Bag Promos Direct

A library was hosting a summer reading program for grades K-8 and wanted to give the kids a nice bag to carry their books. They contacted a distributor in their area to get some ideas. The library had previously given away non woven green tote bags and didn’t want to do the same bag again. Furthermore, they also didn’t think a paper or plastic bag would be strong enough to withstand an entire summer of kids stuffing them full of books. The distributor heard their needs and brought the perfect solution to the library, item CN13513. It’s the newest addition to the Custom Green Promos line and fit the bill perfectly. Made of durable 6oz cotton canvas, it would certainly last a summer, and much longer. It also was the perfect size to hold various shapes of books without being too cumbersome for small children.
The distributor also recommended a rewards program for every time the child brought his or her summer book bag to fill it back up. Colorful stickers, pencils and bookmarks when the book bag was used.
The bags were so popular during the summer reading program and they got so many requests of where these bags could be purchased, the library decided to order more and sell them. A great opportunity for the library to make a little profit on a point of sale item!  

Case Studies

As the number of stadiums that require Clear Security Bags increases, our line of vinyl and clear plastic bags will fit the bill. From our vinyl bags shown here to our line of clear plastic bags — zip close die cut | polydraw tape | soft loop. All which meet NFL sizing requirements will be a big hit.

With specific security requirements for bags allowed into NFL stadiums, a local food distribution company reached out to their promotional consultant to get more information about giveaway bags for their upcoming tailgate party at a local stadium. Their promotional consultant was able to provide them with the following nformation:
• The bag must be clear and can be no larger than 12” x 6” x 12”.
• Logo no larger than 3.4” W x 4 1/2” H and the bag can only be imprinted on one side.

Recycled Bags

The promotional consultant showed them a few styles of bags that fit the NFL requirements. The food distribution company liked all three styles but chose to go with one item for the eye catching trim color and matching handles. In addition to that, this bag also features an open top for quick access.
The Crystal Clear Totes were a hit at the tailgate party and the food distributor was pleased with the solution their promotional consultant provided. You can help provide solutions to your clients too. Contact your Bag Promos Direct rep today to see how they can help you in Delivering Solutions! View our complete line of eco plastic bags here.

Case Studies

Case Studies – Our GROCERY TOTES can be used for many purposes…they go way beyond the supermarket. Here are just a few examples:

A hospital was interested in buying bags for several departments. Since each department needed a bag for different purposes, the hospital enlisted the help of it’s longtime promotional consultant to offer suggestions.
To get the best return on investment for the hospital, the promotional consultant offered a non-woven grocery tote. Even though he knew it wouldn’t be used initially for grocery shopping, the bag was the perfect size for his client’s needs. Plus, it has the added benefit of being repurposed once the patient takes it home. He showed the hospital item Y2KH131015 because the styling of this bag offers a unique look while maximizing the logo space. This bag features a horizontal band instead of the traditional vertical straps most grocery totes have. It especially worked well with this client’s logo because of the logo’s layout.
The promotional consultant knew this bag would be given away for various purposes. This includes at human resources recruiting events, at the gift shops for customer purchases, and at registration for keeping personal belongings together. Furthermore, the same logo would be used on the entire order but the promotional consultant suggested mixing colors so each department would stand out from the rest. In fact, the hospital loved this idea. As a result, they chose royal blue for recruiting events, lime for gift shop purchases, and red for personal belongings bags.

Case Studies

Case Studies – A wealth management firm was participating in a lunch and learn session for prospective clients where they would be handing out literature as well as a few promotional items. The company wanted to provide a bag to their prospective clients. In addition to that, they also wanted it to have an upscale, expensive look but without a high price tag. They contacted a promotional consultant they have worked with for years and she was able to show them matte laminated, foil stamped Euro Totes. Made from 157 GSM premium paper, it would be sturdy enough for the items that would be put in it and still have a nice feel to the recipient. The foil stamp also adds the sophisticated touch the customer was looking for.

They chose to go with item 2ML16612. In fact, it was the perfect size to hold the literature being handed out and the other promotional products. They received many compliments on the bag during the lunch and learn session. Furthermore, they were such a hit, the wealth management firm decided to order more to give-away at all of their upcoming events.
Contact Bag Promos Direct to help you with DELIVERING SOLUTIONS to your customers!

Case Studies

A landscape company was exhibiting at a regional home & garden show and needed some bags to hand out that would hold his company brochure, a landscaping magazine that had a feature article about his company, seed packs, custom notepads and a pen. After listening to all that the landscaper wanted to put inside the bag, plus what his budget was, his distributor recommended the 12BD1822. He pointed out that at trade shows you want to go with a bigger bag so that all the smaller bags being handed out by other exhibitors get put inside his larger bag. It was also recommended imprinting on both sides so that when being carried, his name would be seen.

The distributor also pointed out that this bag was made from OXO film. Once it’s discarded and exposed to oxygen and the outdoor elements for an extended period of time, the bags will degrade and disappear over a 12-18 month period. Ultimately this reduces your environmental footprint. As a result, the show and all of his handouts were a big hit. The larger bag did exactly what it was suppose to do. That was to hold all the other exhibitors’ bags INSIDE his large bag. The landscaper sent his distributor a picture from this show with all the people going down the aisles carrying his bag. He had a 35% increase in leads and after the show he placed another order for bags so when his sales team makes calls, they can leave behind a bag of promotional products.

Tote Bags

Our WIDE VARIETY of die cut bags are ideal for just about any business. Here are just a few examples:
Case Studies

A local recreation department was in charge of the city’s annual event. They met with their promotional consultant and she suggested that they get a sponsor for the bag. The promotional consultant suggested approaching a local bank or fast-food restaurant. She explained that not only would the sponsor get exposure at the costume contest but suggested that the sponsor purchase extra bags to be handed out to customers who go through the drive-thru or come inside to the lobby.

The recreation department director made a call to the bank president. She loved the idea and purchased an extra 500 bags in addition to the 1500 bags needed for the contest. Both the bank and the recreation department received great positive feedback. After the event, the bank said to count on them next year as the sponsor. DELIVERING SOLUTIONS for your success.

Case Studies

An upscale day spa, who was increasing it’s market share in a large metropolitan area to 10 locations, was introducing a new line of products that clients could purchase after they received their spa treatments. The spa wanted it packaged in something more than the traditional euro tote they’d been using. Furthermore, they wanted to step it up. To find a solution, they met with their promotional consultant and brainstormed ideas.

After the initial meeting, the distributor teamed up with Bag Promos Direct Global Creative Center to continue the discussion. The team created a trapezoid euro tote with matching kraft handles to give it an upscale, natural look along with custom-printed tissue paper with a scattered imprint to complete the total branding.
Because of Bag Promos Direct’s expertise working with our certified offshore factory partners we are able to offer creativity in package style, imprint options, and materials from paper, plastic to non-woven. Our Global solutions team will assist you with your design, offering options and solutions. Our logistics team will work with you getting your order delivered to your customer in the most economical way. Take  these options and solutions to your customer and become the expert. DELIVERING SOLUTIONS for your success with green bags.