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Additional Charges

Additional Charges – bagpromosdirect.com

Additional Charges – Please review our additional charges page for details or you can email our customer service department.

Art and General Art Proof Charges

  • Creative Artwork Services

    —$60.00 per hour. First hour is free.

  • Minimum Artwork Service Charge


  • Proof Revisions

    —$12.00 each. First revision is free with an electronic proof.

These rates do not apply to virtual proofs or Design Centre orders.

Broken Box Charge (Plain Bags Only)

A Broken Box is any quantity less than a full box count and varies per product. Please refer to the specific product page for the full box count.

Custom Imprint Colors

  • Screen Print Ink

    —Call for availability and pricing. PMS color match not available.

  • Hot-stamp Foil

    —Call for availability and pricing. PMS color match not available.

  • Flexo Ink

    —$62.50 per color. PMS color matching available on white bags only.

Less-Than Minimum

$50.00. Minimum is 50% of the first column quantity.

Plain Bags

20% off and shipped within 24 hours.

Plate Charges

Applies to all new orders and re-orders with changes. A plate is required for each color and each unique design. Refer to the individual product page for the applicable plate charge.

  • Flexo Ink Plate

    —$60.00 per color, per design.

  • Foil Hot-stamp Plate

    —$80.00 per color, per design.

  • Ribbon Hot-stamp Plate

    —$45.00. No additional plate charges for additional colors.

  • Art Edits After Approval for Production

    —A plate charge per color, per design, will be incurred to remake the plate(s).

  • Re-orders

    —There is no plate charge for exact reorders if the order was printed within the past 36 months. Reorders with changes to the art, type changes/additions/removal, or additional imprint locations, will be treated as a new order and will incur plate charges.

Pre-Production Samples

Bags: $70.00 per sample/per imprint method PLUS all plate, screen, and/or set-up charges. We provide 10 bag samples per order. We will apply a $70.00 credit to your final order for the approved pre-production sample.

Ribbon: $70.00 per sample/per imprint method PLUS all plate and/or set-up charges. We will provide 20 inches of ribbon sample per order. Credit does not apply to ribbon or bows.

Screen Charges

Screen charges apply to all new orders and re-orders with changes. A screen is required for every color, every unique design, and every location.

  • New Orders

    —$50.00 per color, per design, per location.

  • Art Edits After Approval for Production

    —$50.00 per color, per design to remake the screen(s).

  • Re-orders

    —$30.00 per color, per design, per location.

SPARKLE Decoration Charges

Applies to all new orders and re-orders with changes.

  • Set-Up


  • Second Side/Additional Location Run Charges

    —$2.00 per bag, per location.

Special Packaging

Special boxing, poly-bagging, and slip sheeting options are available. Please call for quote.

Split Shipments

$12.00 per address.

Virtual Sample

$30.00 . A virtual sample is a digital representation showcasing your artwork on a photographic image of your bag of choice. It is provided for concept purposes to simulate your design as an actual printed item and is not a proof.

VISTASCAN Charges – Digital ID Technology

Imperceptible digital IDs are an added-value print enhancement available using Custom Green Promos’ ColorVista print process. The digital technology and service activation is provided by Digimarc Corporation.

  • Bag Promos Direct

    —No charge for art set-up or embedding and testing one digital ID per design/order. Multiple digital IDs within one design or one order may incur additional art set-up charges based on the additional number of digital IDs and complexity of the art set-up. Art charges are $60.00 per hour with a minimum charge of $30.00 .


    —A service fee of $50.00 per each digital ID is paid directly to DIGIMARC by the DIGIMARC account owner. Bag Promos Direct does not collect or pay this fee. Visit for more details.

Rush Service – Promotional Tote Bags

Please see our Rush Service page for fees associated with this service.

Recycled Tote Bags

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